Represented Gallery Artists
Jordan Hicks

Jordan Hicks is an artist, one who shares a special bond with the natural world and the beauty within. Born in 1969, Kingston Ontario his childhood sketchbooks and paintings are clear testimony for his love of all things beautiful.

The desire to pursue a career in art and share his creativity led to a Graphic Design Diploma in 1992. Shortly after college the passion of creating work mostly on computers, began to fade and the easel would become a part of him. In a relatively short period he began supplying galleries with paintings and the commitment to become a full time artist bore fruition in 2007. Jordan currently has seven galleries representing his work and his days are now spent painting or on field trips gathering inspirational subject material.

Moving into a Century old farm house in 1998 Jordan soon discovered the surrounding fields and rural backdrop provided new inspiration. Amazed at the incredible diversity of life found in a cluster of wildflowers or the simple beauty of a fallow field, Jordan’s signature series took root in the year 2000.

With past experience of working with watercolours, oils and acrylics there was a desire to apply paint with the special individual qualities of these mediums. This approach to painting resulted in a technique that allows Jordan’s work to be instantly recognizable. With a combination of washes, and textures his paintings are a plethora of colour, depth and patterns.

Although Jordan’s work is most identifiable by his wildflower series he continues to challenge himself by exploring new inspiration, techniques and assorted imagery. He has gallery representation in both the United States and Canada. His art is found in collections worldwide.